4C of Southern Indiana is Nonprofit of the Month

Now through October 31, 2017

Eastland Mall is pleased to announce that 4C of Southern Indiana is our Nonprofit of the Month for October. 

4C is a nonprofit serving 14 counties in Southwestern Indiana. More than forty years ago, 4C started out as a true grassroots organization with a few local child care directors and preschool teachers meeting to network and share information about child care.

Our Mission

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to develop into a healthy, contributing citizen. We engage the community and provide a leading voice to improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of child care.

Our Vision

Communities across Southwestern Indiana value the success of all children as one of their highest priorities and equip every child at an early age with the resources needed to be successful.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that:

  • To increase the affordability of high-quality child care, public and private entities must be educated upon the importance of this issue and supported in actions to
    address it.

  • To increase the accessibility of high-quality child care, the supply of high-quality care must be increased and parents must be connected with high-quality providers.

  • To increase the quality of child care, parents and early care and education professionals must be provided access to appropriate materials and training.

  • To increase dialogue and form advocates across the spectrum, research that supports long-lasting, positive impacts of high-quality early care and education must be shared with all stakeholders.

When children receive high-quality early care and education, they are better prepared to succeed in school. When children succeed in school, they are better prepared to succeed in life and become healthy, contributing citizens. Sustainably increasing the affordability, accessibility, and quality of high-quality child care and early education requires commitment at the grassroots and leadership levels.