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Get Connected: Franchise Opportunities

For almost 40 years Eastland Mall has been a place for small business owners to gain customer recognition, build brand loyalty, and increase sales by taking advantage of the mall's incredible foot traffic.  One way to build a new business is through franchise ownership.  Get connected to franchise opportunities by contacting the Eastland Mall Leasing Team today.

There are some great advantages to franchise ownership. Franchising offers business minded individuals the opportunity to go into business for themselves without being by themselves.  A franchise provides an established product or service which may already enjoy wide spread brand recognition.  A franchise gives business owners an increased chance of success by associating with proven products and methods. Franchises also offer customers a certain level of product quality and consistency as mandated by the franchise agreement. 

Franchising offers important pre-opening support such as design, construction, financing, training and a grand-opening program. Franchises also offer support to business owners with ongoing training, national and regional advertising, operating procedures, operational assistance, ongoing supervision and management support, increased spending power, and access to bulk purchasing. 

There are some disadvantages to franchise ownership.  Franchise ownership means you are not completely independent. Franchises are required to operate their business by a set of guidelines, procedures and restrictions set forth in the franchise agreement.   The restrictions usually include pricing, product or services which can be offered, and in some cases restrictions on geographic territory.  In addition to the franchise fee, franchise owners must pay ongoing royalties and advertising fees.  The term (duration) of the franchise agreement is often limited and the franchise owner may not have much say in the termination of the agreement. 

Why Eastland Mall?  Eastland Mall is the hub of retailer activity in the Tri-State area.  Eastland Mall is the home to more than 100 national retailers and continues to be an important Quality of Life asset to the community.  As the only super regional mall of its type within a two hour radius, Eastland Mall draws customers from Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana and Western Kentucky.  With annual foot traffic of 9 million, Eastland Mall is the perfect location for local small business owners to consider opening a franchise.  

A conversation with The Eastland Mall Management Team is a great first step.  Let's chat! If you are considering franchise ownership and would like to be connected with franchises looking for operators, please contact the Eastland Mall Management Team.  We would love to chat about your ideas and connect you to different sources for franchise opportunities. Even if franchising is not for you, we'd still like to meet to discuss your business ideas and see if your concept would fit in our ever changing retail environment.

The Eastland Mall Management Team

Jeanne Butz, Senior Leasing Manager
Phone: 319-431-8399

Shawn Hayden, Senior Property Manager
Phone: 812-477-7171 ext. 202

Sean Ferguson, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: 812-477-7171 ext. 203


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