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Eastland Mall Table Tents

Table Tent Advertising

A Captive Audience for Your Message

It's a packed house on a beautiful Saturday and Cafe Court at Eastland Mall is full.   Customers have gathered in droves in Cafe Court to eat lunch and then head back out to do some more shopping.  If you were advertising on a table tent in Cafe Court, you'd be benefiting from a huge captive audience.  Table Tents are another great media option with a turnkey type of system that makes it easy and convenient for you.  Table tents are printed on a 5”x 7” double sided card that goes in a plastic stand up sign holder that we provide. Since the tents are double sided you could put one message on one side and the completely different message on the other side.  We take care of placing the cards and also on replacing the cards if they ever get broken or damaged.  Your company is responsible for creating the artwork and for production of the signage.  

Benefits of Table Tent Advertising:

  • Advertise with this intimate and captive signage element
  • Double sided signage that offers the impact of two messages
  • Option for multiple messages throughout the term of the agreement
  • Turnkey operation as our team handles replenishment due to damaged tents
  • Quick, easy, and convenient production options at competitive rates
  • Great companion to other advertising elements
  • Competitive rates and terms availableComes with added value components

For more information on the Eastland Mall Table Tent Advertising, contact Sean Ferguson at (812) 746-2199 or by email at  Great rates exist for the summer months.  Give Sean a call today.

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