People talking during a CNN at Eastland Mall.

Community Networking & News (CNN) at The Mall

Welcome to the Community Networking & News event at Eastland Mall

Join us for face-to-face business networking in Cafe Court in 2024! The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-Rep) and Eastland Mall have partnered to host the Community Networking & News Events or CNN's. The events are one Friday per month through November.   CNN's begin at 8AM and end at 9:30AM.

What's the Community Networking News?

CNN's are a great way to talk about your business to a group of 100+ like minded individuals. The event consists of three rounds of networking where you have two minutes to talk about your business each round. Collect business cards, trade emails, schedule meetings during this power packed hour and half event.

The New CNN Schedule for 2024 is Here!!!

Below is the remaining CNN Schedule for 2024: 

  • June 28
  • July 26
  • August 23
  • September 20
  • November 1

Questions about the CNN?

If you have questions about the CNN at Eastland Mall, please reach out to Sean Ferguson at (812) 477-7171 ext. 204.

What is a Community Networking & News Event?

People networking at the CNN at Eastland Mall

Three Rounds of Networking

The general theme of a Community Networking & News event is for you to get to share your story about your business.  That's why there are three rounds of networking with you speaking for two minutes on your business each round. Business cards are exchanged and connections are made before you get up and move to your next table. 
Sponsor speaking at a CNN at Eastland Mall

CNN Sponsorships

Each Community Networking & News event is sponsored by a local business. Not only does the business get recognized in all of the promotions of the event prior to the date, but they get to speak between the first and second rounds of networking for 10 minutes about their business. Sponsorships are secured through the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership.
Someone winning a prize at a CNN at Eastland Mall

Door Prizes at the CNN

Members of the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership who attend the CNN at Eastland Mall do not come empty handed. Everyone in attendance is registered to win a door prize simply by signing the sign in sheet. Door prizes are handed out prior to the last round of networking. 
Someone giving a testimonial at a CNN at Eastland mall

CNN Testimonials

Who doesn't want to go to an event where you hear good things about the people in attendance. The CNN Testimonial segment of the event is often a favorite of many attendees. Heart-felt and sincere credit is given to various businesses during the testimonial portion of the event. Testimonials are given prior to the third and final round of networking. 

There are many other programs and events sponsored by the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-Rep).

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